Passerina del Frusinate

The real Passerina of Frusinate is the result of different white vines of Lazio from old vineyards.

The 2016 vintage was notable for the summer heat, which caused a photosynthesis cycle block of the plant, and in rainy and cooly September which slowed the maturation of white. On September 19th we collected the white grapes from passerina rows of S. Giovanni and those of the small vineyard of Le Fattora.

Direct pressing of whole bunches with light cold maceration of 30 minutes, obtained by dry ice, produced about 10hl of fairly clear must (thanks mainly to the draining and stabilizing effect of stalks).

The alcoholic fermentation started th day after, without raking, at first slowly and then more rapidly since the fourth day; it lasted about 20 days at natural average temperatures of 20 ° C; malolactic began and quickly ended though with final pH of 3.1, very low considering the seasonal trend.

The aging was done to a 15% in 54 liters glass carboys, a 8% in earthenware egg and the remaining in steel. This diversification has allowed us to note the different evolution of the wine in three different materials.

Slight addition of sulfur, in order to ensure a proper protection, made in March 2 months before bottling.

They have been bottled, after aging on lees for sixt months, about 1,000 bottles of 0.75 liters.

During the first Harvest Day 2015, September 17, we entered the white grapes from the rows of Passerina Le Fattora and San Giovanni.

Direct pressing of whole bunches with light cold maceration obtained with dry ice, produced about 6HL a fairly clear must (thanks to the draining and stabilizing effects of stalks).

Alcoholic fermentation started the next day, after the first racking, and continued for about 20 days at temperatures of 23 ° C average; malolactic began, like all 2015 vintage wines, soon after and ended before the beginning of December, also helped by the mild autumn temperatures.

We added a small quantity of sulphur in two times, in December and pre-bottling in February.

They have been bottled, after aging on lees for 4 months, about 650 bottles of 0.75 liters.


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