This is where our roots go deep. Just as these lands, we would like to remember the outlines and the footsteps of those who have taken the first steps here. We wish to make them our own, to leave a trace thereafter.

The vines emerge from a sandy ground, which is very rare in the zone of Piglio. Two hectares of vineyard lay on white soil on a cliffside, not affected by the volcano eruptions in the Lazio area. The vines here were first planted in the 20’s, in mixed cultivation of olive trees, later to be impoverished by the previous proprietors of the 70’s. Our vine is from the year of 2002, still very young for the potential it may have to show. 

One of the oldest and finest cru of Piglio. It is found right under the cemetery of the same name, about 500 meters above sea level. The succession of the owners dig a path to the past that goes all the way up to Emperor Nerva. Our vines of a total of one hectare have several historical points: the vineyard of the Cesanese Commune of Affile dates back to 1960 and that of the Passerina grape back to 1980. Perhaps the age combined with the obvious value of the place guarantees the richness and completeness of the grapes, as well as the wines: traditional but then again out of the ordinary, complex and deep with a constant return even in the prolonged agings of the traditional nature of the grape.

Three hectares are located in two bodies with a 300-meter difference between them. Vignali is a historical vineyard which follows the downhill of Colle di Grano, which leads tall the way to the flat area on the border with the municipalities of Acuto and Anagni. Austere wines, able to escape only by years, are accompanied by a marked aroma of violets in youth. Our vineyards are divided into two parcels: the first one, planted in 1998, is found right under the old oak tree, which serves as the trust point of the area. The second one of two hectares is composed of about 1,5 Ha plantation from 2005/2006 and 0,5 Ha GDC dating back to the 90’s. The completely volcanic soil with clay dominates often by surpassing 50%.

Situated very close to Torre del Piano, on the borderline between Piglio and Acuto. A bit more than half hectare was planted at the end of the 60’s by choosing a sixth narrow and a distance of 50 cm between alternate rows. We can find a high-density vineyard in a historical region here in the town of Piglio, which is divided into several blocks that lead up from the Tower all the way to the small town of Anagni-Fiuggi. Our vineyard is a keystone of the volcanic region in the middle of this natural amphitheater.

One of the most sought after areas, but it is also a difficult and rugged land: the steep slopes and the stones are to witness past landslides from Mount Scalambra. Our small vineyard from the 60’s is one of our biggest bets with its lush landscapes under the winds of the Highlands of Arcinazzo.

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