SG San Giovanni

The first cru of Costa Graia winery, is Kaleidoscopic and traditional at the same time.

Vintage 2014 is surely to be forgotten for San Giovanni in terms of quantity production.

Caused of a strong hailing on the 19th June afternoon we lost about 50% of the production, harvesting only 9 quintals of grapes from our Cru of 0.37ha.

Fortunately the plants, thanks to the rains and the age (excellent radical system), reacted well and went so well to give us a good grape picked at the end of September, ahead of the 2013 vintage.

Vinification was conducted in a 10hL steel tank. Spontaneous fermentation had a good and steady progression allowing us to decide on a slight post fermentation maceration of a few days.

Alcoholic fermentation lasted for about 12 days; The malolactic started immediately afterwards and ended before the end of November.

The aging was done for 16 months in barriques of 225 liters of French oaks and demijohns. Assembled in May 2016 and subsequently left in 54Litri demijohns for about 2 months.

Light addition of sulfur, to ensure proper protection, made in May 2016, a couple of months before bottling, during waning moon.

They were bottled in July 2016, after a total aging of 19 months, about 450 bottles of 0.75, after a total aging of 19 months

Before going to the market, December 2016, a period of about 5 months in the bottle has passed.

One of the most fertile vintage of the last few years. A first picking was not used for cru, the idea was to reduce plant charge. Then they waited for about two weeks (and if time had allowed it even more) to make a harvest of about 20 of grapes, vinified in a 33 hl cement tank. Even in this case spontaneous fermentation has had a good progression and has allowed to work the grapes also with short post fermentation macerations due to the excellent maturation.

After the malolactic fermentation spontaneously end in late May 2014, the wine was not racked until February 2015. The wine then remained for 2 months in stainless and steel before being bottled on May 7, 2015.

The expected aging will be at least 6 months and start marketing at the end of October 2015.


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