Senza Vandalismi

The idea is to reconsider a traditional wine that was appreciated by the Roman clientele until the ‘80s: sugars not yet run out, filtered roughly and thus bottled. Generally with the hot summers, the fermentative retake produced carbon. The wine was dangerous, it caused the corks to explode and also some leakage. Occasionally it also caused the breakage of the bottles. Differently from the tradition, it was decided to produce a dry version, not filtered, which could remind us of handmade beer. Certainly, the explosions of the bottles are not foreseen because we left about 20 g/l of sugar, which guarantees a maximum pressure of 4.5 atmosphere.

An assemblage of different parts of the wine to substantiate a base to re-fermentation in a bottle. Preparation of liqueur de tirage with the target of a potential 4,5 atmosphere. It was bottled in November in half-liter bottles with crown- and screw caps, left on yeast for ten months. The first processes of manual disgorging began in August and filling up with the same wine, a Pas dosè by “Ciociaria”!


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