I vignaioli

Daniele Proietti

Gabriele Graia

Pierluca Proietti

We mainly consider ourselves as men in the vineyard: this is what our experience teaches us, this is where our territory, a multicolored and kaleidoscopic soul, brings us

Harvest is a long time job,  Harvest is the growing up of our consciousness about every single vineyards.  Nature gives you the space to correct your mistakes, but you have to feel the time.

The harvest is the result of long work in interpreting a single area, a single parcel. Work of years! With particular gratitude to those before us he has walked these vineyards.

Always ready to get involved, to look back, plan, work, analyze and act accordingly.

The important thing is not to be taken too seriously, the work has to be joy and nature should not be fought but accompanied.

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